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Driving Test Preparation

Having completed your EDT the next stage for you is to prepare for the test. In order to pass the test you really need to be taught what the tester is looking for and how to show what a competent driver you are. In order to do this, we here at RSA School of Motoring strongly advise that you take some pretest lessons with your ADI. Your ADI will run through what you should expect during your test, rough test routes and some pointers on keeping a relaxed approach to your driving.

Pretest lessons are always advised before your test takes place. This way you will be completely prepared for the real thing and keep your nerves at bay. This is known to be really valuable.

The RSA School of Motoring provide a car hire service to learner drivers who don’t have a car of their own yet so that you can use it for the test. THis way you will have one less thing to worry about.

Below is a concise description of what the test will entail and what to look out for.

But first, check out our successful past students who passed their test with the RSA School of Motoring. They really speak for themselves!

There are four stages to the irish driving test:

  • Theoretical questions on your knowledge of the rules of the road and road signs
  • Show & tell. Under the bonnet checks
  • Secondary controls & internal checks
  • The drive itself

Stage 1: Theory questions on your knowledge of the rules of the road and road signs:

The morning of your test ensure you have all documents that you have been told to bring with you i.e learner permit. Get to the test centre early, at least 15 minutes. You will be called into the test room and sat opposite your tester. The tester will proceed to check personal information and on completion will proceed to ask between 8-12 questions on both rules of the road and road signs. Knowledge of both is crucial for you to pass the test. When all questions have been answered the tester will ask you to take them to your car in order to proceed to stage 2.

Stage 2: Under the Bonnet checks:

The tester will ask you to pop the bonnet, secure it properly and demonstrate the following:

  • How would you know what the levels are?
  • Where is the bottle washer for the wipers located?
  • where would you find the brake fluid?
  • How would you test the levels of oil in the engine?
  • Where is the coolant reservoir located


The tester will then ask you to enter your car and turn on the ignition. You will then be asked to turn on and off lights and indicators. This procedure is to ensure all your bulbs are working. This is really important to ensure all lights are in working order as a tester will not proceed with the test if your car does not pass these simple procedures.

Once the tester is happy to proceed with the test, they will enter the car and proceed to stage 3 from within the car.

Stage 3 Secondary Controls:

Stage 3, the tester will ask you to show them the following procedures within the car:

  • Where are the hazard warning lights located?
  • Where is the rear windscreen demister?
  • How do you clear the windscreen in the event that it is fogged up or there is condensation on it?
  • Where are the fog lights locates?
  • How do you turn on dipped lights and full lights?
  • How do you use the windscreen wipers?
  • How do you put water on the windscreen?

After demonstrating the above the tester will clearly ask you to drive out of the car park and proceed in the direction that they tell you to go. Once you start driving you have started stage 4.

Stage 4: The Drive Itself

Stage 4 is all about showing the driver how competent you are at driving.

The following procedures must be demonstrated to the tester during your test:

  • reverse around the corner
  • the turnabout
  • the hill start
  • left turns
  • right turns
  • and roundabouts

You must show a level of respect for all other road users and keep a calm level of driving. Ensure you adhere to all road signs and listen to the tester clearly as they will be directing you along the route.

Fault Markings

Fault markings are used to grade you throughout the entire test, from the moment you enter the test room in the test center to the point of return to the car park. There are 3 grades of marking, Grade 1 is a minor fault, Grade 2 is a more serious fault and a grade 3 is a dangerous or potentially dangerous fault. The fewer fault marks you get the better your chance of passing.

During a pretest lesson with your ADI they will teach you all of the above and all of the following:

  • how the tester will speak to you
  • how the tester sees things from his point of view
  • how the tester will want you to do the maneuvers
  • the junction organisation the tester wants to see, M.S.P.O and how to implement it
  • where the tester will bring you on the route
  • why the tester marks the sheet

Having all of this knowledge really is so valuable. So give us a call today and let us help you get your driver's license!